Structure and material:

Plastic grid mats are made of thoroughly dyed PVC strip. The bottom strips are welded lengthwise, which makes unrolling the mat easier. The cross-sectional surface strips reduce slipperiness. An open structure allows the mat and floor to dry easily.

Plastic grid mats do not promote the growth of bacteria. The mats are 100% recyclable. The mats do not cause the burning to continue or generate burning droplets. The mat has low flammability. The plastic grid mats can tolerate detergents, grease, oil and most acids well.


Plastic grid mats reduce strain on the back because of their flexibility. They also function as an excellent sound and thermal insulation between the ground and feet. Because of the elastic structure, the mat adjusts perfectly on uneven surfaces.


Patios, terraces, lobbies, doorways, entrances, showers, basements, dressing rooms, balconies, public swimming pools, boats/ships, dressing and washing rooms of saunas, industrial facilities, work stations, ice rinks.


We recommend an alkaline household detergent, a brush and a waterblaster for washing the plastic grid mats.


The temperature for installing the plastic grid mats has to be +5 °C (optimal temperature = +20 °C).

Special models, colours and sizes are supplied on demand.